Who's Next Talent Showcase

The Who's Next Talent Showcase is a competitive event with the goal of showcasing the best talent that El Paso has to offer in the following categories:  

Comedy, Singing / Rapping, Bands, and Dance.

Auditions Video / Entry:

*Each participant in the Who's Next Talent Showcase will be required to submit an audition video in MP4 formate no later than May 1, 2024 at 11:59 pm.  All audition video should be no less than three (3) mimutes and no longer than five (5) minutes.

Video must not be edited or produced in anyway.  Our recommendation is to record a practice session or performance and submit this unedited video for consideration.  We are looking for talent in your performance and not your editing skills.

All video submissions should be a wide angle showing all participants in one camera shot only.  This camera shot should be continual and consistent thorughout the entire performance.

*Only 1 submission per person/group may be submitted.

*For singers / rappers, there is to be no lip-syncing. All music used must be done so without background vocals / voices, as in karaoke.  It must be the performers actual voice on the video recording and not a production doctored submittal.  

*The Talent Showcase is open to all participants 13 and older.  All participants younger than 18 must have written parental/guardian permission to participate in the actual Talent Showcase.